action card
conspirancy game


Warning! There are Chemtrail, 5G, Reptilians, aura glasses, ayurvedic fake wine and many more in the box.

Conspiracy is a highly thematic, quick ’n fun conversation starter card game for 1-4 players.


Build a unique conspiracy theory and become the most ill-famous theoretician among the believers.

The game combines the mechanisms: tableau building, bidding, hand management, card flipping, variable player powers and narrative building.

Unlike most party games, Conspiracy has real depth despite its short play time (5-35 minutes), and can be played competitive, co-operative and solo as well.

Conspiracy is at prototype phase now and we need Your help to make the game mass produced. Help us on Kickstarter to expose the deep state and make this dream come true.

Mayer Máté - honlap fotó.jpg

Máté Mayer

Co-Founder, Director, Game Developer

"I commit most of the textual parts in the game and always approach game developing from the
thematic side."

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Boglárka Benke

Co-Founder, Director, Game Developer

"I’m responsible for most of the mechanics in our games and I’m the troll face in our projects." 


Our mission is to create tabletop games that reflect on our reality and offer a lot of fun with a little educative factor.


At the same time we take environmentalism seriously using recycled or from sustainable source materials in manufacturing.


Our products meet high quality standards with long lasting design.


For environmental and human rights aspects we manufacture in the EU and plan to produce in the US and Australia as well later.